Sharing: What Bible really says about sexual orientation by Alicia Purdy

02/20/2020, 22:57:00

I would like to share one of comments I received from my client related to Bible and sexuality by Alicia Purdy. Personally I would correct the pronouns more to gender neutral like "they" and perhaps added that if rainbow means Pride always and is a remembrance of respect for diversity! I am all for it 100% welcome....

Is Homosexuality a Sin?" by Alicia Purdy

"God doesn’t judge Christians on a “sin scale.” There is no “worse” or “better” sin or struggle in His eyes—so why is there in our eyes? Why do so many Christians feel more comfortable around people who are unsaved than a homosexual who has received Christ? 

Even if a gay person has received Christ and is still working through the sanctification process in their sexuality or is still struggling with same-sex attraction, many Christians wrinkle their noses behind closed doors. Why is that? Maybe there’s a stronger “ick” factor because of social programming, but in God’s eyes all sexual immorality, including heterosexual lust or an affair, is the same. 

Most Christians find homosexuality to be so repugnant that they can no longer even look at a rainbow without seeing the homosexual agenda when, in reality, the rainbow is the symbol of God’s promise to send Jesus Christ one day. 

Not every rainbow is a Pride flag and not every homosexual is lost in their sin. Some homosexuals are Christians. They just have very different struggles than most, ones that are incredibly difficult to overcome. 

Condemning a homosexual who has received Christ but hasn’t renounced their sexual sin, or criticizing a pastor for not taking a “stronger stance,” or trying to press someone to change something the Lord hasn’t gotten to yet isn’t biblical thinking. 

The Holy Spirit knows what needs to be addressed and when. Trust Him. For someone who is truly a “new creature in Christ,” those old things will pass away and all things will become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17-22) When? As soon as Jesus is done perfecting all your stuff, they’ll probably be all set too! 

Remember: Conversation, not condemnation. 

If your desire is truly to see the Kingdom of God grow, you must love people as Jesus does. You must see them as He does. He is longsuffering to us all. Thank the Lord He has been patient with you and me in our own areas of struggle sin, as we all fight the flesh and run the race that is set before us!"

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