WPATH 26th Scientific Symposium

11/29/2020, 13:50:00 – WPATH 26th Scientific Symposium

The big advantage of the WPATH Symposium this year was the "covid" format = virtual. It gave me the opportunity to attend EVERYTHING. Of course, it couldn't bring the right vibe and all the excitement, and adrenalin which I always experience when it comes to conferences or symposiums of such a profound importance, yet having unlimited access for a year to all presented data is worth it. 

I was glad to refresh and reconfirm, and learn the newest information from the field of QT mental health, endocrinology, and surgery. Gender is a comprehensive matter and gender affirming approach requires sensitivity not only for gender but of course for everything that is related to each unique individual, their past and present context. I was glad to hear that healthy life style is a must requirement for HRT and it critically impacts not only outcomes but physical health greatly. I was glad to hear again!!!! that good! mental health and gender affirming approach love each other!

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