Dear client,

Dear client,
I am honored meeting you for psychotherapeutic, counseling, and assessment services. I base my services on a respect for your uniqueness, your gender, family values, culture, and religion.

In our highly reputable private practice, I apply a holistic approach to our clients. My psychotherapy is goal oriented, systemic, relational, respectful, open-minded, and of course professional, yet genuine. I firmly believe that effective therapy has to be tailored to you.

The therapist is not an advisor but a guide, coach, who helps you to reach your objectives, helps you to grow, to communicate effectively, and to be heard.


About Eva


“Dear Eva, it has been almost a year since our last session. I am sending this message from hospital and next to me there is our new born daughter. I have already told her that she got one co-parent , meaning you! Without your tremendous help, guidance, and smart tactics this miracle would not be possible. We would love to stop by in your office to introduce you our little Jane and invite you to her Christening ceremony.”

34 years old woman with secondary vaginism

“Eva, you helped me to get over the death of my mom and held me all the time when I was refusing and hating my dad, blaming him for her death. You know what? He is the best dad ever and I would not find out without your patient guidance and support during the toughest moments in my life.”

A teenage girl whose mother died of cancer

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