Areas of Emphasis psychotherapy for couples, individuals (males issues/females issues), families, LGBTQ community, sexual issues, psychotherapeutic, counseling, and assessment services based on respect to individuals, their gender, family values, culture, and religion


  • multi-cultural relationships
  • LGBTQ and gender identity issues
  • men’s issues
  • women’s issues
  • sexual dysfunctions and sexual addiction
  • marriage, infidelity, separation, and divorce
  • relational concerns
  • family therapy
  • parenting challenges
  • behavioral and school issues
  • defiant and oppositional teenagers
  • career stress and changes
  • personal growth
  • communication skills
  • self-esteem and empowerment
  • mind and body connection work
  • transitions of life/career/family
  • survivors
  • anxiety and depression
  • death, loss, and grief
  • trauma
  • substance abuse and recovery in family


“Dear Eva, it has been almost a year since our last session. I am sending this message from hospital and next to me there is our new born daughter. I have already told her that she got one co-parent , meaning you! Without your tremendous help, guidance, and smart tactics this miracle would not be possible. We would love to stop by in your office to introduce you our little Jane and invite you to her Christening ceremony.”

34 years old woman with secondary vaginism

“Eva, you helped me to get over the death of my mom and held me all the time when I was refusing and hating my dad, blaming him for her death. You know what? He is the best dad ever and I would not find out without your patient guidance and support during the toughest moments in my life.”

A teenage girl whose mother died of cancer

“Dear Eva, when we first met I was a loud, angry man who was not able to speak for himself and keep his job. I felt dumb, ugly, and helpless. With you I learned to be proud of myself, express my opinions such a way that is not offending anyone. I was promoted and I love my job. Also I have a girlfriend who I love and she loves me, first time in my life! Eva, we cannot thank you enough!”

A single man in his late 40ties

“Eva, thank you for all your involvement with the LGBTQ Center.”

The Pride Center of SWFL

“We felt accepted, we felt understood, and we got a wonderful chance to grow. We are so incredibly blessed and lucky that we got the opportunity to work with you ,you helped us to safe our marriage. You had a way to involve each of us in helping to understand the other person’s perspective and culture identity. You made us work hard on it and it paid off! We thought there is no hope for us. However with you we found otherwise!"

One satisfied and happy husband

Children and their messages are unique in every respect. First, their messages and notes for me might look like a drawing of their family, drawing of themselves, something they dream about, or they like to do. Notes from children also look like "a message for Eva" about what their smile is doing, invitation to their birthday party, or a menu card of a restaurant they dream about and plan to open one day... Messages, notes, and letters from children belong to my treasure tank...


Dear Eva, our house has become home again. We enjoy being together, meaning all of us. My step-daughter fortunately got over the complicated relationship with her biological father and is able to accept the care and love we are giving her. The whole family gave me a mandate to thank you. Thank you so much, you are always welcome to our home!

Reunited family

“Dear Eva, you changed our lives and opened new perspectives of our relationship. I went through an incredible challenge with you and thank to that I live with my girlfriend and her son in a happy and fully satisfying  relationship! Your therapy changed our lives completely. And sex………. is great! Eva, I hope you do not mind if I refer to you a friend of mine who has some issues...”

One happy couple of two females

Dear clients,

enclosed you find a program of our transgender group.

Then, there is a questionnaire concerning the GAINS FROM TRANSGENDER SUPPORT GROUP....AND ANXIETY INVENTORY.

I would extremely appreciate if you might find time and fill the questionnaires for us. Anxiety inventory with a note in what situations you experience stress and anxiety would be highly appreciated! Your contribution is helping us to improve our care! 

Thank you so much!

Yours EVA

Group expectations and Anxiety Forms

Florida Rural Legal Services ( is a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal services to low-income residents in several counties (Lee and Collier included).

They offer to help low-income transgender individuals who need help navigating the process of a legal name and/or gender marker change.  

Call (800) 476 – 8937.

Free legal help for low-income (transgender) families

3 Tips for Long Distance Co-Parenting


For children, separation and divorce is usually a very difficult lifestyle change. Even in the best co-parenting situations, they often get stuck in the middle of a parental tug-of-war.


Parents that work together instead of constantly against one another help make the lifestyle change easier. But, when there is an additional change, like when one parent relocates a long distance away, old tension and difficulties can resurface or new ones can appear.


Helping Your Kids Readjust to Parents Separated by Distance


For a child, having one parent live in a neighboring town may seem like they are living in a different world. Having one parent move to another state can feel like they are in a different universe.


Here are a few ways to make that distance feel less daunting.


Leverage Technology


With the speed at which technology improves, there are more and more ways to keep in tough with your kids, no matter how far away you are from them. If your child is old enough to safely keep a smartphone, there are apps like Facetime and Skype that let you video chat with one another. Or, if they are too young to use a smartphone, your ex-spouse can assist with lending their phone or computer.


And, there’s also tech available to make sure you and your ex-spouse are on the same page as far as time shared with your children is concerned. By using child custody software to help manage schedules, especially when there’s a time zone difference, you can make sure everyone is on the same page and no calls are missed.


Make Travel Your Hobby


While video calls can certainly take some of the strain of long distances away, real face-to-face contact between parents and children cannot be replaced totally. Building in as many visits as possible will go a long way in making your child feel more connected to the parent they don’t live with.


However, Christmas with Mom and Thanksgiving with Dad might become a bit of an annual drag, especially for older kids. Instead, try to build in small trips for your time spent together. These trips can be as grand or as simple as you can afford, both financially and time wise. The important part is that you are participating in an activity with your child and are not just simply a destination they have to visit every once in awhile.

Don’t Forget the Little Things


As adults, we tend to focus on the big picture. We often overlook what we might feel are small or less important acts. However, what might feel like a small or not very important act to you might mean much more to a child.


While video chats are fantastic and very convenient, you don’t have to end your correspondence with your children there. A hand written letter lets your child know you are thinking about them even when you aren’t talking, and with how easy it is to shop online, small gifts spread randomly throughout the year can do the same.

In Summary


Parenting is a tough job no matter if you are living with a spouse or divorced and co-parenting. Adding long distances to that can make things even harder.


While long distances are difficult for both co-parents and children, there are ways to make it feel less burdensome. A little planning and effort will go a long way in making you child feel more connected to both parents.

New Blog: 3 tips for long distance co-parenting by Tim Backes

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