Parents! Getting your life in order: Positivity and Action by Krishan Smith

07/18/2019, 23:17:00 – Blog by Krishan Smith from Custody Xchange

Getting your life in order- positivity and action

by Krishan Smith/Custody Xchange


The first step along the road of positivity and productivity, no matter what has happened in your life prior to this point, is to accept responsibility for your own life. You are the biggest factor in determining change in your life. It is easy to feel like a victim, like the cards are stacked against you. Hardships may have followed you around in terms of relationships, divorce and mental health. However important support is, you, your own actions and mind-set will make more of a difference. 

Accepting responsibility is empowering. More significantly, responsibility gives you meaning, purpose and direction in life. If you have a focus and goals, plus support, friends, time to pursue interests, love, stability, appreciation and a job that is your passion then your chances of maintaining a positive outlook on life are vastly increased. There’s sufficient evidence to suggest, diet, exercise meditation and mindfulness also play a huge part. I realize this is a lot of factors and may seem unmanageable for some. But if you have meaning, if you find meaning in your life, happiness and fulfilment will follow.

The responsibility you allow into your life that results in meaning can come in many forms. From family and other personal relationships to a meaningful career path or project that you love. What is vital is that you focus on you and not other people; it’s easy to compare and contrast, feel envious or worthless. However this is an exercise in futility, you are unique! And it will only leave you demotivated; instead try to compare yourself to your former self. How have you improved and how can you improve more, stay positive with this. It helps to surround yourself with positive people, friends who want the best for you, will support your goals and won’t just drag you down. It can be so valuable to have people to talk to and help you understand yourself.

Last but not least, have a plan. Achieved objectives give you a huge sense of wellbeing and a big motivational boost. Start from the bottom even if that just means making your bed in the morning, once your first goal is achieved you will feel more positive in your outlook in regards to the rest of the days, months or even year’s goals! In order to find meaning you should have goals that are meaningful, something worth aiming for, think long term and aim high! Don’t get too hung up on the details though, there’s a fine line between writing a plan and procrastination. Only through action will you feel a sense of accomplishment.


This article was authored by Krishan Smith: senior editor and content specialist at Custody X Change, a custody software solution.  Custody X Change provides software for developing and managing custody agreements, parenting plans and schedules whilst additionally providing free co-parenting resources and a scholarship program for single parents.


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